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What do we do at CareerWise?

We explore ways to help bridge the gap between your existing situation and what might come next.

Think about it… Talk about it… Do it!

“Transition points in life are where the old no longer works and the new has not yet arrived.” Mark Savickas

At CareerWise we explore ways to help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you might go next. We’ll have conversations, explore career pathways and together we will hatch some plans to turn your thinking into doing.



Be inspired, guided and supported with CVs and cover letters, interview skills, career decision making, career planning, career coaching, job hunting.

Clarify your thinking about your career transition.

  • Crafting a life in the decade after high school. The world of work is changing rapidly and your career journey could be quite different from your parent’s pathway. This session, for students and/or parents, covers current thinking about the school to work transition and planning for the world of work.
  • Reinventing retirement. Explore options and find pathways to make the transition from full time work to something called ‘retirement’. Expect to challenge a few myths in the process!


  • Tailored Group Workshops: Thinking about ‘where to next’ with your life and career? A workshop programme designed around attendees age and stage, contemplating a career transition. By arrangement. Contact Sue for more information
  • Life After 50: Explore possibilities and have conversations with others who are contemplating how they can flourish in a life after fifty. Let’s look at doing life and work differently – encore careers, senior entrepreneurs, portfolio careers…
  • Life After Teaching: A workshop tailored especially for teachers. A time and place to start different kinds of conversations and think about the next stage of your career – be it a change of career, being your own boss, an encore career, or heading towards retirement.
  • Or … we can tailor a workshop especially for particular career interests and pathways.

Contact Sue to arrange a session for guidance and support with your work, life, career.


“I wanted to thank you again for today.  I found the content so inspiring and motivating.  Lots to mull over!  Great to talk to others in a similar stage of their lives/careers. Having the course material contained in the booklet is so helpful – I can refer to it and complete the tasks at leisure.” Maria

“What I did want to say was just how well you spoke. It was easy, a good touch of humour, you brought the audience into your conversation and it had a personal touch. You relate well to your audience and I know you will never have any trouble delivering a seminar etc. to others. You could tell the group really enjoyed being there.” Tony

“Life After Teaching … Yep it’s all just beginning really but that’s ok and big thanks to you for the kick start in believing it will all work out.” Jenny

“Thanks also for being such a great support and sounding board –your willingness to listen without judgment has been greatly appreciated.” Pauline