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New career or returning to work – it helps to be CareerWise

CareerWise was established by career advisor Sue Graham to provide the tools and skills needed to make positive and purposeful career choices at every stage of working life.

As principal career practitioner Sue works with individuals or groups to open new doors for people looking to find their way into rewarding avenues of work that fit their personal and professional aspirations. Sue’s experience and training has been consolidated into a number of programmes and resources that are available through CareerWise’s group workshops and one-on-one consultations.

Targeted career workshops a shared journey

Sue Graham has experience in building and running workshops as a way to explore career possibilities in a group environment.

The CareerWise workshop model has several variations, depending on the target group – for example we may run a programme specifically for school leavers, or a general programme for those in employment who need direction or a change in direction. We also offer a programme for people returning to work from an extended break whose previous experience may be outdated or obsolete, or simply not what they want to do any more. CareerWise doesn’t promise to find you a job, but we can help you find the thinking that will find you a job.

Sue Graham explains:

“When people are equipped with knowledge of themselves, made aware of opportunities and relevant strategies for seeking work in the current job market, and armed with a positive mindset they will feel more optimistic and confident about pursuing new pathways. This inspires them to be more proactive and as a result, have more success securing work doing something that they love.”

More about what we do at CareerWise 

Career advisor Sue Graham

Sue Graham established CareerWise to meet the demand here in Dunedin for professional career guidance at all stages of career development.

“I work as a consultant career practitioner and educator, not only for young people who are making the transition from education to the world of work, but anyone seeking a new direction in their working lives. This includes people returning to the workforce, as well as those in jobs who either want to be their own boss, are contemplating retirement, or just ready for a change of direction.”

Sue holds a Bachelor of Social Services (Career Practice) and is a member of CDANZ. Before setting up CareerWise, she worked as a career practitioner in tertiary education. Sue spent 30 fulfilling years in teaching before taking the leap into her new vocation:

“I had a great career as a primary school teacher. Amongst other things, I travelled to Antarctica as the LEARNZ teacher, taught in the School of Education at Otago University, presented work from my MTchg at the AERA conference in New York, and had heaps of fun creating exciting learning experiences with kids.

“But when I realised I was in danger of losing my mojo – I couldn’t bear to think that the joy could go out of a job that I had loved doing for more than three decades – I chose to make a career change and leave teaching.”

Like many other Baby Boomers, Sue is keen to retire the idea of retirement; “It’s an outdated idea that has become redundant in this day and age. It’s time to reinvent retirement and look at doing work differently.”

Contact Sue about taking the next step in your career pathway